The Book That Rocked The Mobile Revolution

In the age of text messaging, ringtones, and mobile everything—games, music, video, commerce and more—a growing number of companies are scoring big with the most measurable, personal, and direct link to consumers ever created: mobile.

Branding Unbound is the first book to explore the massive opportunities—and challenges—of this revolution, including:

  • An inside look at how Coca-Cola, Warner Bros., MTV, McDonald’s, Procter & Gamble and other market leaders use mobile marketing to dramatically boost the effectiveness of print, broadcast, online, and in-store promotions
  • The top 10 secrets of effective mobile advertising
  • Awe-inspiring mobile trends—from QR codes to mobile augmented reality to location-based services—transforming the worlds of marketing, advertising and retail
  • Exclusive interviews with top thought leaders—including Tom Peters, Seth Godin and Don Peppers—on what marketing’s new mobile age means to the future of your business

“Branding Unbound is an indispensable guide to the emerging opportunities in wireless marketing. Rick Mathieson has given us a forward-looking perspective that succeeds in being both visionary and grounded in reality.”

Ingrid Bernstein
SVP, Director of Creative and Strategy
iDeutsch, NY

“The road map to the right now. Provocative. Up to date, to the last nanosecond.”

Steve Simpson
Partner, Creative Director
Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, SF

Branding Unbound is a must read for advertisers looking to steal a glimpse into what could be the future of advertising … Mathieson is a gifted and talented writer, and Branding Unbound at its outstanding best does for wireless what The Cluetrain Manifesto did for the Internet. Geeks and marketing execs alike will love this book, which is by far one of the best marketing books of the year.”

Midwest Book Review

“[Mathieson’s] timely and useful book demystifies successful practices in a way that should encourage and inspire other marketers.”… Branding Unbound “makes for a handy guide that lets marketers know where they stand in the ever-shifting media landscape.”

Working Knowledge
Harvard Business School

“[A] gift of a book … Mathieson tackles the dilemma of presenting wireless marketing strategy to a general corporate audience, and does an admirable job … With patience and clarity, Mathieson explains how McDonald’s, Starbucks, Wal-Mart, and other top names in business are using a vast array of similar innovations to change the customer experience for the better. It will give motivated marketers and branders the confidence to pick up the wireless technology at their disposal and make it work for them.”

Generation Target

“If you get some or none of the wireless revolution, you should probably come out of the cave and read this book. As for those hyperventilating at the rate of change and connectivity, better to know what's out there than unplug and drop out.”



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The Future of Advertising, Sales and
The Brand Experience in The Wireless Age
By Rick Mathieson
AMACOM Books • $24.95 • Hardcover
Publication Date: July 2005
ISBN: 0814472877